We take the same approach to sourcing materials as we do for the rest of the project. Meticulously researching and gathering advice from local experts to help choose what we use to build our homes. Just like our approach to the craftsmen, we aim to source our building materials from as close to the development as possible. Our ethos, to build homes that we ourselves would live in is extremely prevalent in the deciding of materials as we want strong handsome homes which are fit for the families that choose them.

The average human consumes around one kilogram of food and two litres of water each day. Compared with at least 15,000 litres of air are consumed by each of us on a daily basis, with 90% of that being indoor air.
We want our homes to promote healthy living and by removing airborne pollutants, the AirFlow system protects both the building and those inside it. Airborne pollutants and harmful condensation are something you’ll find in all homes, which is why we’ve decided to research and dedicate time to sourcing a system that can clean the air whilst maintaining the heat through its ‘Heat Recovery’ module.
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